Anywhere, Anytime with Anyone!

workalong is a startup company that connects women around the world so that more women will integrate into the amazing world of tech!

Sounds like the perfect project for us!


In our eyes remaking a brand is not to create a logo or a moodboard…
It’s a huge vest universe of emotions that we want to bring back to our client clients, the ending and who you are today is important but we want to know your story!

In this case, we created a world of strong women that despite they work apart from home it seems they have connected more than ever and symbolized the very assents of the brand perfectly.


We created a logo that shows the strong connection and the understanding between people with the simplest corporation in the business world, handshake.

Furthermore, it gives the sense of victory of arms held high!


Orange is the new black.

In this case, we decided to build a color plate with colors that it easier to relate to and transmit a daring and reliability and that’s why we went with shades of orange that lets us make some noise and keep the contact minimalist as the brand.



Bright Brown






The lazy dog jumps over the quick brown fox


The lazy dog jumps over the quick brown fox


Connecting To The Digital World

A direct connection to the digital world

As ab brand been created you can’t ignore the digital world because every brand that seeks life has to exist there.

So in advance, all the brand design such as logo, design layout, and the contact will fit perfectly to all the different platforms and demand that required.