We - Tri

Beyond Your Limits

When the gays at We-tri approach us with the idea to open the first of it kind all triathlon in Israel we knew there is something huge in our hands so… very quickly we decided on the direction and started to work!


Be the Mecca of the triathlon world

The main idea of the company is to create the center of the Israeli triathlon world.

Wi-tri studios contain the most advanced technology that the triathlon world has to offer so that every customer will become a mean machine and we wanted to transfer does ideals and quality through unique design simple and sporty.


After creating many variations we reached to the chosen logo that gives the sense of sportiness which was very important to emphasize so that it will be clear at first sight it all about sport.

So that the logo will fit the company’s need there are two options to look at it, the first is that it is possible to see the whole name of the company and the second one is the first letter ‘W’  which we divided into three lines that symbolize the three multisport race consisting of swimming, cycling, and running.


In this case, we decided to build a color plate with colors that also symbolize the three multisport races of swimming (blue), cycling (light blue), and running (light green) and to those colors, we add so complement colors.

Dark blue










The lazy dog jumps over the quick brown fox


The lazy dog jumps over the quick brown fox


Connecting To The Digital World

After we design the logo it’s time for the layout of the website. We started by researching client’s usage that we targeted specifically people who workout and could use We-tri product, how should we build the website so that the customers will porches and register to We-tri studios.
The hard work paid off and We-tri more than approved the design and it was time to build!

The website has to be optimized to tablet and mobile otherwise the company will lose customers, more than 70% of all consumers are buying throw their phones.


Our team builds this amazing website with Wordpess, Elementor, WooCommerce, HTML, CSS.