Our Knowledge The Technology You Need

Iner-Tech is a mature company that specialize in marketing evidence tecnologica in various fields.

Our collaboration lasts for a very long time now and allows us to promote them higher than ever into the digital world.


Reach out to the world

The company hasn’t had any digital trace whatsoever, their approach of marketing was a bit old school and that is where we come in so that Iner-Tech would stand out above all the majors’ competitors.

That’s why we needed to refresh all of Iner-Tech’s brand and transfer it back to civilization and tell their unique story!


Iner-Tech were deeply connected to their logo that identified with the industry.

Therefore we decided to just “update” the logo, we matched the colors to the more catching eye colors of the color plate and sharpened a bit the original rendition.


In all the years that Iner-Tech was up and running their main color is dark blue…

We decided to build the new color plate around those colors but with an updated and younger sense.

Dark blue





Work Sans

The lazy dog jumps over the quick brown fox


The lazy dog jumps over the quick brown fox



To create a more quality and better branding and marketing we had to do some homework!

So our team did a deep research about the identity of the company and what makes Iner-Tech’s DNA so special compare to the competitors.

When we got the results we created an updated sketch of ads that reflect the company’s services.

Until we intervene the company uploaded posts to Facebook without realizing that it is the wrong platform for their usage.

We opened for them a Linkedin page which we updated with quality content on daily demand about the company activities so the awareness will grow the numbers of followers.