Drink House

The Best Delivery Cocktails And Alcohol In The North!

Drink House is a company that delivers the best cocktails and alcohol combinations with the best materials and the quickest delivery right to your home!


Nothing like a cold drink at the end of a day!

When Drink House approaches us we got soo excited, they wanted to bring the uniqueness of the bars of Tel-Aviv to the north side of Israel, we saw that as a mission to build the best website with the combinations of our amazing designers!


The owner of Drink House is a modest man so we wanted to represent those values that he showed right to the logo.


We wanted the website to represent the dark nightlife with hints of unique cocktails colors once you mix them together.

Dark green


Passionate red


Light gold



DM Serif

The lazy dog jumps over the quick brown fox


The lazy dog jumps over the quick brown fox


הכלב העצלן קפץ מעל השועל החום הערמומי


Connecting To The Digital World

Our amazing team of designers did amazing research and came up with the idea for lightmaps behind the layout of the page and Bambi just loved it! And now it is time to build this challenge. It was hard the design team would not compromise on anything in the end we did it.

The website has to be optimized to tablet and mobile otherwise the company will lose customers, more than 70% of all consumers are buying throw their phones.


Our team builds this amazing website with Wordpess, Elementor, WooCommerce, HTML, CSS and Javascript.