Bambi Dynamic

The Leading Mobility
Insurance Platform

provide insurers and the mobility ecosystem with vehicle insurance solutions that are informative, user-friendly, personal, and dynamic for consumers personal needs.


Grow and evolve

In all honesty, when Bambi approaches us we didn’t understand at first, their website was beautiful, and didn’t know why would them want to change it.

Bambi told us that when they first lunch the site it was good for their needs “at the time” but now they have grown in size and customers and as such change was needed.


Soo cute!

Let’s continue with the honesty… we fell in love with the logo, and the robot was so adorable!

So we decided to keep it with some changes and talked to the old guys who created this iconic robot and they were happy to hear that their work will keep on plus we wanted to preserve the old and refine it a bit and the result was amazing!


In this case, we decided to build a color plate with colors that will symbolize the road such as orange (side of the road) gradient black (the road itself), and refind blue with maps as a background.



The lazy dog jumps over the quick brown fox


The lazy dog jumps over the quick brown fox


Connecting To The Digital World

Our amazing team of designers did amazing research and came up with the idea for lightmaps behind the layout of the page and Bambi just loved it! And now it is time to build this challenge. It was hard the design team would not compromise on anything in the end we did it.

The website has to be optimized to tablet and mobile otherwise the company will lose customers, more than 70% of all consumers are buying throw their phones.


Our team builds this amazing website with Wordpess, Elementor, HTML, CSS, Javascript.