Alma beach

Come As You Are

When the guys from Alma approach us they needed a serious facelift to bring back life to the place.

So after one too many margaritas that is what we did.


The place lost its color.
after a decade the place hasn’t got any refresh and looked outdated and tired.

The customers got older with it and the younger one had no idea of the place.

There was hardly any advertising and in general, all the signs got ruined by the humidity.

So what we did

We brought Australia to Tel Aviv!

We decided to create new branding for the place with an autofire of a surfing town in Australia or California.

The location of the bar was very relevant for the surfers of the beach so we aimed for that kind of customers and the young ones.

We created a whole new language that just screams FREEDOM!


The mangers of the Alama beach gave us a free hand to do what we do best with one condition, to keep “Alma” alive in the logo.

A logo that is 20 years old became the fundamental base of the place and therefore won’t give that up, we raise to the challenge and created a logo that preserves the old history and brings back the new life the place just needed!


The colors of the place were bright yellow and blue that fit 2006 style, so we decided to keep them and give them more depth and around those colors a lot more to bring them even more to life!

Dark green


Passionate red


Light gold


Light gold


Light gold



Dela Gothic One

The lazy dog jumps over the quick brown fox


The lazy dog jumps over the quick brown fox


As part of the branding, we build the website so that the gays from Alma will be able to communicate with their customers more easily in an orderly fashion.

We build an amazing website with special features that continues the story of the place even on the web.

Social media

In order to close nicely the whole new branding, we created a unified language and young that talks to the users directly throw their smartphones.

We entered order highlights that represent all the things Alma can give to the customer, a sense of belonging and freshness.

And just like that, we created in a short time a living brand.