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About Us

Behind The Keyboards

VOODOO studios provides all the services your business needs in order to thrive – in one place. VOODOO has it all, from business market research, brand storytelling and digital strategy architecture, through social page and profile management, creative design and copy writing and up to digital marketing campaign creation, and global digital management for your business. We are dedicated to taking your business (and sales) to its best potential.

Voodoo will equip your business with all necessary tools, both known and unknown, and build the perfect strategies in order for it to achieve rapid growth and sales increase like you could never imagine and of course – produce brand awareness on a global scale.

Executive Profiles

Niv Huminer

Co-Founder, Creative Director

Niv is known for creating strong, impact-oriented design with an emphasis on clarity and defined purpose. He believes that a pragmatic and highly iterative approach to the design process allows The studio clients to see how thoughtful design can have an immediate effect on an organization’s motivations, message and culture.

Niv specializes in identity design and brand systems, digital experiences, UI/UX and design for built environments.

Tamir Goren

Co-Founder, Web Developer

Tamir turns the studio’s design dreams into tangible systems that bring amazing performance. After a period of study at college, he began to develop diverse systems that enabled him to study and accumulate extensive knowledge in many fields.

Tamir specializes in Rect js, Javascricpt, WordPress, HTML, CSS, Responsive design, mobile design and many more.